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Mosyle CEO: New Apple iPhone And iPad Security Solution Shields Attacks

Shane Snider

Increased attacks on Apple mobile devices this year have raised concerns about vulnerability. Mosyle’s CEO Alcyr Araujo saw an opportunity to increase the company’s security offerings for channel partners.


Mobile device management firm Mosyle Wednesday announced its first endpoint security solution for Apple mobile devices running iOS and iPadOS.

Mosyle Hardening & Compliance will ensure employees using iPhones and Ipads are protected at work and that the devices are compliant and following the latest cybersecurity benchmarks.

Apple, which has an industry reputation for security on its Mac computers, has seen increased attacks and vulnerabilities in recent months on the mobile side. In October, the company admitted a security flaw “may have been actively exploited” after fixing a zero-day vulnerability – the ninth such attack on iPhones since the start of 2022.

“iPhones and iPad devices are equipped with excellent security controls and settings that can be configured to achieve a degree of protection against undesired physical and remote access,” Mosyle CEO and founder Alcyr Araujo told CRN. “But questions can remain for IT and security teams, like, ‘What are all the controls and settings? How do you correctly configure them to harden the iPhone or iPad considering each business’s needs? And once those configurations are applied, how do you ensure users will not change them – on purpose or on accident – or that future updates will not impact them?’”

He added, “Those are indeed challenging questions, and exactly why we rolled out the new Hardening and Compliance update…”

Winter Park, Fla.-based Mosyle said iPad and iPhone use in the corporate world is steadily growing, citing its own 2022 research showing 81 percent of employees leverage an iPhone at work, and 65 percent use an iPad for business. With that heavy usage comes the risk for attacks.

“Apple does a phenomenal job highlighting the importance of new features and security initiatives and provides quick and efficient ways to update devices,” Araujo said. “As an MDM and security provider, we want to offer tools that enhance these updates and make them easier to deploy to fleets of Apple devices used at work.”

The company says its new product will deliver fully automated device security configurations, 24/7 monitoring of all iOS and iPadOS devices against each enabled security control and streamline and automate all tasks required for security audits and certification.

Hardening & Compliance for iOS and iPadOS is included as part of Mosyle Fuse.

Mosyle’s Araujo said the company’s channel partners look forward to adding the new security features. “Our approach to securing and managing Apple devices through our Apple Unified Platform has been hugely successful among partners and joint customers,” he said. “Adding security for iOS and iPadOS will not only make it easier to manage these devices, but will also deliver a comprehensive layer of added protection.”

Mosyle moved its operations from Brazil to the U.S. in 2016. Since then, it has grown to serve a roster of more than 32,000 clients in education and business, with more than 5 million devices managed by their platform. While Araujo would not disclose the company’s annual revenue, he said Mosyle has raised more than $215 million in venture capital and that sales have grown by triple-digit percentages since 2020.

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